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Holiday Gift Guide

It's Darren from Vermont Bicycle Shop. This time of year is exceptionally frustrating for people who know me. I own a bicycle shop and I love all things bicycles, so what in the HECK do they get me? It's a question I hear a lot at the shop about other people too.
"They already have everything!"
It's true, I know I do.
The first piece of advice I'd give you is, take a couple of pictures of the bicycle they ride the most and bring it in to the shop. We can help you find that thing that your favorite rider may not even be aware they need!

If you're after something a little more immediate and shopping on our website, keep in mind these three things, how long have they had it? have you heard them say they wish the thing they had worked a little better, or that they'd bought the right version instead of that sale knock off? Maybe it's something they like and at the same time they won't buy it for themselves. Also things wear out, and there's lot of little items where one more of them is always welcome.


How Long Have They Had it?

Just this past summer I noticed a lot of my bicycle shorts were getting a little thin. The early cold of this Winter showed my cold weather gloves had a couple of holes. Those prized and carefully picked items wear out. I recently replaced an old multi tool with a new one because a couple of the bits on it were starting to wear. Take a look at their gear, anything stand out as needing replaced?



Do they have something they wish worked better or was something else?


Another thing to think about is do they have a piece of gear they wish was something else, or did the job better. I roast my own coffee. I love the whole process. I use a modified toaster oven and it works pretty darn good. It doesn't mean I wouldn't love a proper roaster though! Do they have something they use a lot and frustrates them from time to time? Is it finally time to replace those old tire levers with some tire levers that actually work well? Do they have winter gloves that they wish were warmer? What about some lobster claw mittens instead? Maybe it's time get rid of that old (and probably expired) helmet. Make it a package deal with fresh looking new helmet and an updated head lamp or tail light.

Maybe your favorite fat bike rider is ready for a cool new Winter focused bicycle helmet! Maybe a new custom Vermont jersey, what if we had some updated cold weather gear on sale


The stuff they wouldn't buy themselves?

This one is tricky. For me, there are lots of things that I think would be nice to own, and at the same time, I probably prioritize a lot of other stuff before I finally break down and buy that one thing.
Maybe they saw these cool quick link pliers/tire levers on a bicycle blog and haven't bought them because they don't really need new tire levers. This is one of those gifts that will really let that special cyclist in your life know you're paying attention.
Once they have these they will wonder why they put off such a simple and cheap upgrade.

Here's one I often think about and never act on: I have pretty good gloves and mittens for cold weather riding. There are only a few days out of the year when I need something warmer like a good pair of bike specific pogies. It's one of those things I probably wouldn't buy myself, and if they were a gift to me I'd definitely use them!


What about the little things?

 A good pair of socks, a cool new water proof seat bag, just a couple of things your favorite bike rider will always welcome.  
Most riders go through a pair of mountain bike gloves once a year. Even if they aren't worn yet, they will be. These amazing kangaroo leather gloves from Hirzl are amazing. Kangaroo leather is the wool of the leather world, if it gets wet it grips better, it stays warm when it's wet, and it's soft and comfortable. It is also incredibly resilient and holds up well to abrasions and scuffing.

How about some cool mountain bike gloves for the junior rider? top it all off one of our cool specially packaged gift cards (available in-store only) and you will have wonderful little bundle of presents. You don't have to butcher the cow to have a satisfying glass of milk. A lot of little well thought out gifts can mean just as much as that grand gesture of the big gift.

Then again, sometimes it's nice to find a new bike under the tree...

Take a look at our guide below for more ideas. You can have your favorite cyclist create an account on our site and make a wish-list or even purchase through our website and pick it up in the shop!

If you have questions about that tough to shop for bicycle adventurer in your life take a few photos of their favorite bike stop in, or give us a call or shoot us an email. We're excited to be a part of your holiday this year and we look forward to seeing you in the shop.