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Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity, and Anti-Discrimination Policy



Anti-Discrimination Policy

Our company complies with all anti-discrimination laws, including The Equality Act (2010). We explicitly prohibit any behavior that confounds the principles or guidelines of this act and work continuously to prevent harassment of any kind in or outside our headquarters.

This policy applies to all employees, contractors, visitors, customers, and stakeholders. Reporting discrimination or non-compliance to this policy on any grounds is welcome and encouraged and should be done so to the human resources team and directly to the company President.


Diversity and Inclusion Practices

We are committed to creating an equitable workplace where diversity in life is respected and valued. Vermont Bicycle Shop sees diversity and inclusion as paramount to the mission of our organization and the betterment of our community. Our company provides promotion, compensation, and benefits to all employees regardless of nationality, race, ethnicity, age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability, or medical history. Employees and contractors are guaranteed equal opportunities throughout their tenure with Vermont Bicycle Shop.

At Vermont Bicycle Shop, we recognize that each individual will have unique experiences, perspectives, faiths, beliefs, communities, traditions, and customs. We recognize that a good deal of our community faces unique challenges, systemic and personal discriminations, and hurdles to their success both within the bicycle industry and in the world at large. Bicycles and cycling in particular are excellent platforms for investing in nurturing a true sense of belonging and promoting the respect, consideration, and appreciation of members of diverse backgrounds. We recognize that as a straight, white owned business that we have an advantage and platform to participate in the effort to release the stresses and challenges faced by our employees, business partners, and customers. We recognize it is our responsibility to create policies and speak out when possible and doing so fits our mission statement of promoting happiness and health through bicycles and cycling in our community. 

We work hard to foster happiness and health through bicycles and cycling in our community. A big part of that mission is to be a proponent of inclusivity. When we talk about diversity and inclusivity we know that creating equity must play a part in that process. To that end Vermont Bicycle Shop adheres to the Cycling Industry Pledge created by the WTF Bike Explorers advocacy group.


Policies and Actions Taken


In order to promote both diversity and inclusion, and ensure equal opportunities to all staff, Vermont Bicycle Shop has taken the following measures:

• Compulsory sensitivity training for all employees and managers.

• Regular employee check-ins and anonymous access to surveys and platform to anonymously message management and HR to gather consensus on attitudes around diversity/inclusion.

Formal leadership training to mitigate biases and increase cultural competency.

• Informal discussion sessions and support to discuss bias and equity issues.

• Recruitment outreach initiatives for more diverse talent pools.

• Gender-neutral restrooms and improving on use of nonbinary gender languages through our company communications, also recognizing and respecting gender designation when applicable.

• Provide paid work hours to develop strategies, policies, and practices around bettering inclusivity, diversity, and equity within our business.

• All staff are responsible for ensuring that all employees feel safe, confident and comfortable to live their day-to-day lives at work, without harassment, prejudice or judgment and to have their concerns heard and attentively listened to otherwise, our company President is directly involved in enforcing all policies on this matter, with an open ear on how to do better as we listen and learn.

• Access to company social media and communications as a platform for advocacy to promote these policies is available to all employees at Vermont Bicycle Shop.

Our diversity and inclusion efforts are heartfelt and we are committed to continuously developing new, better and relevant strategies for our workforce. To make suggestions or discuss additional measures that could be taken to support diversity and inclusion at Vermont Bicycle Shop please feel free to email shop owner, Darren Ohl at [email protected]

Current examples of Diversity, Inclusivity, Equity, and Discrimination Policy projects developed at Vermont Bicycle Shop:

• April 1, 2016 (completed and implemented): Enact gender neutral bicycle sizing and fit guidelines, including policies and products that allow for changing fit specific items like handlebars and bicycle seats without additional charges to the customer.

• April 1, 2016 (completed and implemented): Create a cycling team focused on community building and engagement with a focus on diversity and inclusivity. Open up industry programs designed to foster bicycle team growth to a more diverse field of participants than the traditional male racing focused industry mindset of a shop team.

• April 2018: Build and create a custom 3d motion capture fit studio to further develop a specifically designed to remove the gendering of bicycle fitting. Project complete March 2020, fitting program on hold due to COVID-19.

• August 2020 to Present: Create a sizing nomenclature and language that removes the gender naming convention in the selection, sizing, and useability of cycling specific clothing. Find commonality among fitment and measurements that provide good advice and accurate sizing and function of cycling clothing without the use of gender descriptions.
Current steps taken: 

Sizing sample data gathered from surveys.

Sizing and measurement data compiled and compared to industry sizing.

Created a sizing chart to better communicate proper clothing fit.

Created gender free naming conventions to easily communicate sizing and useability.

• Remaining steps for implementation:

Finish noting current product offering measurements in order to provide clear training with selling clothing under this new policy.
Generate a publishable sizing guide to further assist customers in sizing clothing.

Label all products with new naming conventions and remove any gender language from products where possible.