Shipping & returns

No Shipping

Vermont Bicycle Shop DOES NOT SHIP any products.

Any request for refunds made because a purchase does not comply with any of our Pick Up, Shipping, and Returns policies will be assessed a $5.00 card processing fee. 

You may be thinking, "hey, I bet if I call/email/facebook/carrier pigeon these folks, they might make an exception, I'm a good person, they can trust me." We apologize, it's not going to happen.
We have lots of reasons for not offering shipping and fear of fraud is only a very minor one of them. Insurance, logistics, and the pleasure of living a wonderful life running an in person business in small town Vermont is among those reasons. We encourage you to visit us and Vermont. It's amazing here. We will not make an exception to this rule. There is no shipping. People often mention reading this and still call or email about shipping. It's amazing. I'm surprised you are still reading this much of our "No Shipping Policy", most folks just call after reading the first two lines. Thank you for taking the time and for your diligence and follow through. Thank you for thinking of us and we hope you can visit one day.


In Store Pickup and Curbside Pick Up

We offer in-store pick up or curbside pick up for purchases made online. We have some rules about it.

  • All in store pick ups and curbside pick ups must be made in person by the original purchaser.
  • The original purchaser must bring their valid government issued identification and the credit card used for the purchase and the card must match that identification as well.
    It is also helpful to have a copy of your Ready for Pick Up email on a mobile device or printed as well.
  • When placing an order for in-store or curbside pick up you will receive an order status email that tells you your order has been received by us. Please wait for a second Ready for Pick Up email that verifies that your item is ready to pick up before coming to the store.
  • We're a pretty busy retail store and it could be a few hours before we're able to check our emails and see you've made a purchase. If you are in a hurry, go ahead and give us a call (we don't mind!) letting us know you placed an order online, then we'll know to get your items ready right away.
  • If you are purchasing an item that displays a low inventory count give us a call to verify that it is available, we'll even hold it for you if you want. We are a pretty busy retail store, sometimes we may be ringing someone up for that same item in the store while you are shopping online!
  • For Curbside Pick Up: You'll receive instructions in your email when your order is ready to be picked up how to proceed. When you receive your Order is Ready for Pick Up email you can come down to the shop during normal hours and call us from your car. Have your card and ID ready for verification and we'll bring your items right out to you!


Returns can be made in person at Vermont Bicycle Shop.