Holiday Gift Guide

It's Darren from Vermont Bicycle Shop. This time of year is exceptionally frustrating for people who know me. I own a bicycle shop and I love all things bicycles, so what in the HECK do they get me? It's a question I hear a lot at the shop about other people too.
"They already have everything!"

It's true, I know I do. Keep in mind these three things though, yes they have it now, but how long have they had it? Just this past summer I noticed a lot of my bicycle shorts were getting a little thin. The start of this Winter showed my cold weather gloves had a couple of holes. Those prized and carefully picked items wear out. I recently replaced an old multi tool with a new one because a couple of the bits on it were starting to wear. Take a look at their gear, anything stand out as needing replaced?

Another thing to think about is do they have a piece of gear they wish was something else, or did the job better. I roast my own coffee. I love the whole process. I use a modified toaster oven and it works pretty darn good. It doesn't mean I wouldn't love a proper roaster though! Do they have winter gloves that they wish were warmer? What about some lobster claw mittens instead?

3rd is to think about the little things. A good pair of socks, along with a fresh looking new helmet and an updated head lamp or tail light. Maybe a new custom Vermont jersey, top it all off one of our cool specially packaged gift cards (available in-store only) and you will have wonderful little bundle of presents. You don't have to butcher the cow to have a satisfying glass of milk. A lot of little well thought out gifts can mean much more than the grand gesture of the big gift. Then again, sometimes it's nice to find a new bike under the tree...

Take a look at our guide for some ideas. You can create an account and make a wish-list or even purchase through our website and pick it up in the shop!

If you have questions about that tough to shop for bicycle adventurer in your life stop in, give us a call or shoot us an email. We're excited to be a part of your holiday.



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