Hey everyone! Starting Sunday, October 15 Vermont Bicycle Shop will switch to Fall/Winter hours! This year we will be closed on Sundays and Mondays (including October 15 and 16) through the colder seasons. We hope this will allow us to participate and host more community events throughout the Winter this year.

Vermont Bicycle Shop is located in downtown Barre, VT. The 1500 sq-ft store and service center at 105 N. Main Street houses one of the most unique bicycle shops in the country. With equal parts interest in technology and bicycle history Vermont Bicycle Shop provides services with a high emphasis on the tradition of the bicycle shop in small town America with a focus that a bicycle shop can be a part of what helps someone find health and happiness.

You can email us here: darren@vermontbicycleshop.com

You can call us here: 802-622-8222

You can find us here: 105 North Main St. Suite 100 Barre, VT 05641