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Print on Demand

When we first opened Vermont Bicycle Shop we told everyone that we wanted to have one of the most technologically advanced bicycle shops in the country. We've managed to certainly stay ahead of the curve in the technology department and today we are taking it one step further.

We've been working with our 3d printer in house since the beginning. It has proved to be amazingly useful. It has saved us countless hours and it has helped us save money on supplies and tools. It's helped us repair things that we might not have been able to repair in the past.
It has helped us keep the cost of repairs down for our customers and allowed us to create elegant solutions to otherwise kludgey bicycle solutions.

For the first time ever, we are able to offer that product directly to customers. We'll be offering products available to print on demand.
We will expect to keep a certain amount of some of these products on hand. If there is something here that isn't available you can simply place an order and we'll get to work printing it on demand.
It's important to know that 3d printing is no quick matter. For instance our first product takes nearly 8 hours to print. I don't think that's too bad at all considering that most retail stores will have you wait a week or two for a special order!

Speaking of our first product, here it is:

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