2021 Norco Storm 4.3 Green

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When it comes to kids bikes we're interested in three things: 1) Bikes that combine the smallest frame with the largest wheels possible so we can offer a bicycle that fits sooner and lasts longer. 2) Finding the lightest possible options that don't break the bank and are built for kids to handle (or mishandle). 3) Bikes that make it easy to keep up on the family bikes rides without a bunch of superfluous equipment. 

The Norco Storm 4.3 is a great mix of those elements presented in a package meant to focus on simplicity. Shifting and brakes that are easy to learn and master. Using some of the same technology found in adult bikes the Norco Storm is reliability paired with easy and inexpensive maintenance. It's a bike that will hold up to the riggers of learning to ride like the big kids. With a tune up it'll be ready to pass on to the next generation.

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